Posted by: Madman in the Marketplace | March 5, 2010

Stupid Piggy

Oh, it is to laugh:

Closing of Rest Stops Stirs Anger in Arizona

Arizona has the largest budget gap in the country when measured as a percentage of its overall budget, and the state Department of Transportation was $100 million in the red last fall when it decided to close 13 of the state’s 18 highway rest stops.

But the move has unleashed a torrent of telephone calls and e-mail messages to state lawmakers, newspapers and the Department of Transportation deploring the lost toilets — one of the scores of small indignities among larger hardships that residents of embattled states face as governments scramble to shore up their finances.

“People in this state are mad about this,” said State Representative Daniel Patterson, a Democrat from Tucson who has sponsored a bill that would allow other entities to reopen and maintain the rest stops. “This bill may have the broadest support among members of any bill this year.”

Some residents see something sinister in the closings. Betty L. Roberts, who lives in Sun City, west of Phoenix, said the topic was a hot one among her friends.

“I honestly think they are setting us up because they want to do a tax increase,” Ms. Roberts said. “I think by shutting down things people want, they will give us one.”

What the hell do you expect if you demand more and more and yet refuse to fucking pay for it? Are magic (non-union, of course) toilet fairies supposed to build, clean and maintain the rest stops so you can climb down out of your fucking truck or SUV to shit out the junk food you’ve been choking down?

Arizona is, of course, one of the centers of stupid “libertarian” white assholes who hate immigrants and cities and government and anybody who makes them uncomfortable, one of those supposed promised lands where you don’t pay taxes and you get to own as many guns as you want and you can elect winger yahoos who will coddle your stupid fantasies about “taking your country back”, the country you’ve been starving with your selfish demands to get the services only YOU and people like you need for nothing while never ever ever allowing a penny to help someone you DON’T like.

I hope when Betty is forced to squat down at the side of the road to piss a viper comes up and bites her in her ass, hissing “I got your taxes right here, you stupid moron.”



  1. I realize I’m being a little defensive, living in another state with a large gap (California), but I just want to point out that everything you said about Arizona and Betty, could also be said about the US and those of us here.

    After all, we live within the boundaries of an overspending, non responsive government. Most of us see attempts at disingenuous emotional manipulation on the part of our leaders. And most of us stay…

  2. FWIW, Oregon just voted to increase its minimum corporate tax for the first time in 80 (!!!) years.

    So I hope our poop receptacles are safe for the time being… :/

  3. Scoff now, but after our army receives its new tanks from our comrades in BC, we’ll be rolling the glorious Socialist revolution into California and Washington– then we’ll bring it to YOU!!11

    [grows bushy beard, dons red-star cap]

    Onward, Comrades!! For Cascadia!! FOR– THE WORLD!!

  4. Any ideas on who the “other entities” Patterson talks about that are going to re-open the rest stops will be? I’m guessing McDonalds, WalMart and Halliburton.

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