Posted by: Madman in the Marketplace | December 19, 2008

Fires of Hell

When I was seven or eight, my grandfather died of cancer, and my grandmother went into some full fundie southern Baptist bullshit. Part of this was repeated attempts to “save” me, including a trip to a dark church basement with one of my cousins and the sadistic bastard they called “pastor”. I was “saved” once I begged for my salvation, after this sick fuck screamed at me my own depravity as a … well, as a creature that had been born a human being.

The seeds of my eventual atheism were planted in that dark hole (unfinished floor, low-watt bulb hanging nakedly from the ceiling, table with Bible on top as the loon ranted …), confronted with the sickness that is rightwing Xtianity.

So here I am, wishing that I could believe in that particular actual hell, described by that particular sick fuck, because I would take some small sense of justice from the idea that idealogue scumbag Paul Weyrich was roasting on a spit in some infernal barbecue.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Conservative activist Paul Weyrich, who coined the phrase ”moral majority” and helped turn social conservatives into a powerful force in the Republican Party, died Thursday. He was 66.

Weyrich’s death was announced by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think thank that he had helped to create.

Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan said Weyrich ”was instrumental in the development of conservative thought” in America.

As the first president of the Heritage Foundation and the leader of other conservative organizations, Weyrich’s service ”embodied and further advanced the Republican Party’s core values of limited government, lower taxes and individual responsibility,” added Duncan.

Lee Edwards, a Heritage Foundation scholar and a friend, said Weyrich had suffered from ill health in recent years and had both legs amputated.

”He was a dedicated conservative and patriot, an excellent strategist,” Edwards said. ”He had a very sharp sense of humor , which he employed at all times.”

The man was a hatemongering scumbag who enabled homophobia, misogyny and racism. He was good at his job, and his job was empowering a corrosive, dangerous and antihuman political movement.

I hope he suffered in his last days.

Some would say that I’m not very “tolerant” for expressing that hope, but I can look around and say that we all share this world. You can believe in heaven or hell, pink unicorns and fairies … you can cling to whatever silly superstition you want … but we can all look at one another and say that we share this world (well, there are schools of philosophy where we DON’T all say that, but I’m too lazy to go into that), and that Paul Weyrich and his ilk made it possible for more human suffering to spread, that he was instrumental in empowering a hateful, evil, anti-human superstition called Christianity to garner more power, spread more wars, suppress more fruits of human reason … that he was a champion for hate and horror.

I wish that there was that hell that my fucked up Baptist preacher threatened me with, only for a moment or two, for there to be a place for this terrible, nasty, be-nighted, backward excuse for a human being to be punished in … that there was some cosmic justice out there to call to account those who muck up this world for the rest of us.

There isn’t, so I’m left hoping that he suffered in his last days, and that he knew, somewhere in some small part of himself, that he was a blight on the world, and I’m glad the motherfucker is dead.

(hat tip to Chris Floyd for linking to and reminding me of the passing of this evil fuck. Fresh Air replayed an old interview today, if you can stomach it.)



  1. BTW, it is nto disclosed what PW died of. hmmmm,

  2. those last few photos look very AIDS-like wasting, don’t they?

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